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Music That Binds in Different Times

We at Dante continuously watch to see just what is the NEW NORMAL as it relates to entertainment. To be honest, we have no idea; we are just going with the flow.

As we face these challenging times together, during which we are remaining physically apart, the role of music in nourishing our emotional well-being and creating shared experiences is more relevant than ever. We’re inspired by the myriad ways arts and culture organizations, including those in the Dante network, are continuing to create connections and moments of joy for people everywhere. We look forward to the time when we can all once again gather at any  Dante site, reconnect with one another, rebuild our friendships and look to the future--all while experiencing the joy of music under the stars. That time will come, and when it does, our concert sites will be vital community anchors where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to heal from this crisis and celebrate our collective resiliency.  A Dante Production's response during this time has been to continue our commitment to our venue partners and to use our platform to share new and different ways to have online arts experiences, support musicians and arts organizations, as well as, how to help those serving our communities on the front lines. 

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