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The Entertainment Restart

What is up with North Central Florida entertainment company A Dante Production (ADP)?

Well, things got interesting; something new called COVID-19 made everything come to a sudden STOP. The CEO/CVO went into a mode of revamping to adjust to a new method of operation so the adjustment could be made to meet the New Normal, whatever that is.

JAW concert promotions wanted to feed the people that are really impacted by COVID-19 because food has become a major issue. Therefore, the ADP CEO/CVO contacted the Halifax Urban Ministries in Daytona Beach to discuss providing food for those that are encountering financial problems. So, a concert was established. In September, ADP will present a concert that will help with food for the hungry.

The Feed-a-Family Homeless Prevention Program distributes over 500 tons of food each year to help families living below the poverty line who often struggle with hunger, nutrition, and food insecurity. The Program considers this to be their “first line of defense” in preventing homelessness. If they can reduce a family’s grocery bill, the family will have more funds to pay for rent, utilities, and other household expenses. HUM also provides financial help through prescription, utility & rent assistance and offers referrals and case management to families on the road to self-sufficiency.

On September 18, 2020, A Dante Production will be using a new platform to provide virtual concerts using the P2V concert technology, helping ADP to continue providing the very best in entertainment. Be on the look-out for Wine and Music, Jazz Under the Stars, and those R&B classics that you will never forget. 

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