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A Dante Production started in the 1980s, went dormant for awhile, and now has stormed into Florida. Three years ago, A Dante Production, LLC came alive in Florida and is now expanding to cover an area which has been demographically deprived in entertainment choices.


During the years 2018 and 2019, Dante tested the waters to see what would make sense.  Additionally, the Vice President and COO (Chauncey Dunham) was developing a team to assist in developing some of the best talent in Florida to perform in a manner which was culturally diversified. The Dante senior staff,  which includes the President of Dante and the Senior Advisors, put their heads together and developed the approach to best suit the area while also making sure all the burden was not on one person. Some spur companies were developed:  JAW Promotions was developed to acquire the venues that would be fitting for the Dante brand, which is A Touch of Class.

The line up for two years was really to test the waters in a new area. The geographical markets vary around the United States. The mold used in the Northern states is completely different than the Southern states. Various dynamics had to be considered, such as, income of the area being lower. Dante is now working on a new company, B Side Silver Entertainment. More about B Side will come as the new decade (2020) gets underway.


Dante in 2020 has a host of new additions such as, Ladero Design Works which will enhance an organizational sparkle to what is already in place. New things include a new Internet presence, social media management, and new designs.  Additionally, new talent is being acquired to step up the game.

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