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The ADP 2021 Outlook: New Horizons

The first quarter of 2021 was very interesting for A Dante Production, and it included the third anniversary party. The year started with work on the drawing board to plan and lay out the activity for the coming year. The anniversary party had music from both The GROOV and Chris Clarke. The Groov started outside in the courtyard of The Hunt House, and with the sun setting, Chris continued inside. The music was super FANTASTIC! JAW Promotions provided the wonderful food (it was good)!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day violin concert at Stonewood in Daytona Beach, Florida, featuring Ms. Jaquay Pearce. Jaquay had the audience standing on their feet.

Jazz, Wine & Dine was also held at Stonewood, featuring the Chris Clarke Trio, and again it was awesome.

The plans for the summer and fall of 2021 look awesome. If all goes well, we will provide the music for "Musical Nights in Midtown" for the City of Daytona Beach for its community summer concert offerings. Additionally, talks are underway for a festival in Spring 2022.

The increase of artists to A Dante Production is continuing to occur; we have arrangements with Ms. Jaquay Pearce, Ms. Flo Logan, and another band.

Moving forward and pivoting at the same time are both interesting and complicated; h

owever, we must move forward until we stop.

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